Which is better Benoquik or Benoquin ?

Benoquik is better in all aspect than Benoquin.

See difference yourself.

                                           Physical Test of Benoquik And Benoquin



Benoquik cream is white in color whereas Benoquin is Brown in color which means that Benoquin contains oxidised Monobenzone and poor raw mater.

Benoquin is poor quality product as compared to Benoquik.

All other websites are only selling poor quality Benoquin Cream. As they are selling it for low price they are not using monobenzone or very small quantity of monobenzone cream.

Monobenzone 20% Cream


Monobenzone is an effective, skin lightening agent that is now rated as the most treatment option for vitiligo. Anyone suffering from vitiligo can get a great relief by using this product and can also help treat other types of skin color loss as well. However, consumers are strongly advised against using this product as a way of diminishing the appearance of discolorations on their skin which could be the result of other issues. Monobenzone should for instance not be used for treating age spots or freckles as it can have some not so good consequences. 

 Avoid Poor Quality Mac Remedies Benoquin Cream

Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by the appearance of white patches which are clearly visible.Monobenzone has however been a blessing to vitiligo patients as it has helped them kiss goodbye to the condition. This Benoquik works amazingly well by making the skin area around the patch to be of the same color by bleaching it. The end results are that the skin has a much lighter look which leads to the disappearance of the patch. Vitiligo is now being used by many people across the globe to treat vitiligo and most of them have enjoyed satisfactory results. 


When you use benoquin to treat vitiligo, it is essential for you to know that you are at a high risk of getting sunburns. For this reason, it is always a great idea that you try as much as possible to expose yourself to the midday sun. Using high- SPF sunscreen is something that you should do as well just to ensure that the health wellness of your skin is best taken care of. Currently, there has been no long term effect reported about using this agent for skin bleaching. You can thus use monobenzoneconfidently with an assurance that you will get the best results possible without exposing your health to any risk. 

Maximum Monobenzone 20% Cream is allowed by FDA but still few fake companies are selling Monobenzone 40% Cream

Benoquik 20% Cream is Only FDA Approved.

Ways to Depigmentation

1. Monobenzone Benoquin 

2. Kojic Acid  

3. Hydroquinone 

4. Azelaic Acid 

Monobenzone Benoquin is an outstanding skin lightener and has proven to be effective in treating vitiligo and decreasing melanin. The skin lightener works by decreasing the metabolism of melanocytes and this will result in treating vitiligo permanently. There is not any other skin lightener that has proven to be this effective till now.

Treatments of Vitiligo:

1 Depigmentation(MonobenzoneHydroquinoneAzelaic Acid)

2 Repigmentation (Trioxsalen Topical sodium)
Even though Monobenzone Benoquin is an extremely safe to use, this does not mean that it is not sold by several fake online website. We are currently the only online company that sells pure Monobenzone Benoquin without any additions. We also instruct our customers how to use them because many people end up using it as a skin whitening cream improperly. Even if you aren’t going to purchase it from us, you should ensure that the website you are making the purchase from is credible. Remember, you are trying to cure vitiligo by using pure Monobenzone and not wasting your time or money.

People have not vitiligo Use Monobenzone Benoquin for:


2. Skin Lightening

Concentration more than Benoquin 20% results in white patches, Vitiligo etc. And also when application of Monobenzone remain un-uniformly, the part on which application of drug remain extra will become extra white and where application remain less that part will remain darks. So mostly we found complaints of white patch. and Also due to extra usage it gives white patches. As we know medicine has some advantage and disadvantages. Just watch what are disadvantages and how they are coming. As we apply Monobenzone 20 % cream on skin it gives irritating and itching sensation, Try to start from low dose and see whether monobenzone suits user's skin, Try to apply Monobenzone Cream uniformly. If after uniform application still in result it shows white patches on skin, Do not use it on white patches till it mix with rest of area. 

How to use Monobenzone cream 20% Benoquin ointment?

How to use Benoquik 20% Cream ?
1. First Mix Benoquik 20% Cream in almost half amount of Olive Oil. Mixing with olive oil reduce the dryness caused with Benoquik.
2. Now Place mixture Benoquik in air tight jar with temperature range 15-30 Degree Celsius.
3. Wash dark affected area or whole body with soap.
4. Immediately after bath, Apply a thin layer of Benoquik on wet skin.
5. Apply Benoquik 3 times a day on affected area for minimum 2 Months to see noticeable results.
6. Initially Benoquik 20% Cream gives sometime irritation, burning sensation, redness and dryness, and peeling or cracking of the skin but differs from person to person. If all this continously appear after usage of 4 days then consult your doctor.
7. You can also use Benoquik 20% cream alone without mixing with olive oil as your doctor advise.
8. Avoid other skin cream and lotion during the treatment of Benoquik or consult your doctor.
9. Benoquik 20% Cream High Quality By fairnglow is best product for depigmentation treatment.
Our main aim here is to depig the vitiligo patients and we want your contribution in the form of Donation so that we can help vitiligo patients with new techniques.


Monobenzone           Benoquin