Koji Tan Skin Lightening Soap (Strong) (10 Soap)

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Koji Tan Skin Lightening Soap

Weight: 65 Gram Per Soap

Pack: 5 Soaps

Price: $40 / Pack of 10 Soaps

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Koji Tan Skin Lightening Soap

Best Result use regularly For 6 Months and Take before and after pic and see difference.  

Koji Tan Soap extensively used in Japan as a skin lightener. It works by inhibiting tyrosinase, a skin darkener as you grow older. Kojic Acid was first discovered in Japan in 1989. If your skin suffers from Uneven Tone, Dark Spots, Pimples, Dark knees, Dark neck and arms, Stretchmarks, Skin Blemishes, Melasma and excessive permanent sunburn then look no further, this is the right soap for you! Original Koji Tan Skin Whitening/Lightening Soap is formulated with pure Kojic acid. In Japan, this soap was successfully used to lighten and whiten skin discoloration and whiten dark spots giving a fairer, whiter and younger looking skin. It penetrates upper skin layers to inhibit the formation of pigments. The upper layer is lightened, while the deeper layers remain unaffected. Sun light brings the deep layered colors to the surface. Usually the effect produced by Kojic acid lasts as long as the soap is being used regularly. Buy more to stock up on quantity for your next use.